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We offer certified transcript translation from Spanish into English and nearly one hundred other languages

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Supports Nearly 100 Languages

Our certified transcript translation service is simple, fast and accurate, and we offer it in all the major languages of the world. Indeed, all our work is performed by highly qualified translators with years of experience. Get certified Transcript translation service now. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality and speed of our work.

Guaranteed High Standards of Quality

We are a certified transcript translation service that guarantees the accuracy of every translation we make. In addition, we will make any necessary changes at no additional cost. This alone will save you money in the long run. So don’t waste time with costly revisions and find a translator right away!

“Same-Day Delivery”

Most transcript translation of documents may be done in 1-2 business days thanks to our First-Class turn-around time. We also have an Urgent” translation service available if you need your translations completed in a hurry. Your urgent certified transcript translation order will be delivered to you on the same business day. Try our services today!

Guaranteed Data Confidentiality

Your personal data, including credit card information, is always safe on our systems. Confidentiality agreements bind our employees and we protect our systems using the most modern data encryption technologies. Your privacy is extremely important to us. Try our order page today!

We Are CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService. com hires only the best transcript translators in the market. We hire only from the top 1% of the industry. In addition, our company employs native speakers to work on certified translation projects. Despite hiring the best, we don’t just stop there! Every project is managed by a well-experienced project manager that ensures excellent translations by passing every document through an independent review by expert translators. Accuracy is our aim when we work on every translation project.

On-Time Every Time

We have a history of delivering projects on time and to the highest quality standards. Our company regularly produces translated transcripts in two days, including double proofreading by experienced freelancers. If you are in a hurry, you can also order our urgent translation service, which guarantees same-day delivery. Work with us and you’ll always get your finished document on time.

Certifications & Notarizations

We can provide you with a translator certificate that demonstrates the translator’s competence and accuracy, as well as their credibility. In addition to authentication, we also offer notarization services should you need them. We have it all here at CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com.

Speak to the International Community

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com is the most trusted transcript translation company for certified transcript translation. We regularly work with governments and international organizations such as Fortune 500 companies. For this reason, we know the latest translation and formatting guidelines that are globally required. With us, you will not lose time because of the mistakes that inexperienced companies can make. Try our service today.

Start with a Few Simple Steps

We are constantly looking for ways to make all trades as efficient and easy as possible. Our secure checkout page protects the security of your personal information, and a qualified translator will start working immediately to translate your copies of your documents. Visit our order page now and complete your payment in less than five minutes.

How It Works

Choose Your Language

Choose the language you desire for a translation in the ordering page. You may also opt for the “Urgent Option” to receive the output within the day.

Submit Your Documents for Translation

Please scan or take a photo of your document and send it to us. You can also send it by e-mail or fax. Kindly ensure that the photo is crystal clear and readable so that our translators can translate the documents properly.

Complete Your Purchase

The process takes less than five minutes to complete! In just a few clicks, your documents can be worked on by a professional with the best in the industry. Should you need someone to walk you through the process, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our hotlines!

Receive Your Translations

We usually complete and send our certified translations within 1-2 business days, unless you have ordered the Urgent option which will guarantee that you’ll receive your documents within the day. On request, we can also send printed copies of documents!

Five-Star Service

We put in a lot of work to make sure that we exceed every client's expectations. Our service philosophy is based on a promise to ensure every customer is satisfied and happy. Due to our impeccable work ethic and high-quality service, our list of repeat customers keeps growing. This is a strong sign that we are living up to our commitment to giving our customers excellent transcript translations. We let the quality of our work speak for itself.

Exceptional Accuracy

While we do hire strictly the top 1% of the company, we don’t just stop there. A team of independent transcript translation professionals reviews our certified transcript translation services in a strict, double-blind method. We do this so that you, our clients, get the most accurate translations that have ever been made.

Client Confidentiality

We do background checks on all of our translators to make sure you're dealing with honest people. We also have strict procedures for data processing and we ensure all our translators have signed non-disclosure agreements with every project they make. We take great care in keeping your information confidential. We will keep your identity safe online.

Testimonials and Reviews

Translations of transcripts must be extremely accurate as they can significantly affect human life. There is no room for mistakes in transcript translations. To avoid mistakes, we only employ highly qualified transcription translators. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our transcript translation services.

I needed a transcript translation company to do translations of birth certificates and other legal documents for a handful of Middle Eastern kids born in the U.S. It was a bit difficult finding a reliable one that didn’t charge me extra for notarization and certification, and it was even harder to find an affordable one. Luckily for me, a friend recommended CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com. They handled my documents very well, and at great speed so I also recommended them to my colleagues for their translation needs. They’re all very impressed and continue to use them to this day.

Dannie D. Washburn, N.C., U.S.A.

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com translated, certified, and notarized all legal documents that I used when applying to a US university and for my student visa. They are very pleasant and efficient.

Umar Amer, Al Khobar, K.S.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transcript Translation

Yes! CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com provides certified transcription services in English and nearly 100 major languages. Depending on their length, we can deliver your translated documents within 1-2 business days. If you need a quick translation of your certified transcript, we can provide it to you within the same business day by choosing the Urgent Option. Be sure to contact us immediately if you have any questions or concerns, and we’ll make sure to pick up your call ASAP!
Yes, we are a transcript translation company that specializes in certified transcript translation in nearly 100 different major languages. Furthermore, all our translators are native speakers of their respective languages to ensure cultural accuracy in our work. You can count on us for culturally, grammatically, and legally accurate transcript translations
In addition to offering top-caliber translation service, our translators can provide translator certification and notarization of the final documents. Simply indicate on our checkout page that you need a certified and notarized copy of and we will take care of that for you with no additional expenses. Our certified transcript translations are provided by experienced professionals in nearly 100 languages.
The Finest Transcript Translation Services Provider
At CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com, we make sure that every certified transcription translation is done quickly and to the highest possible standard. This is true even for urgent same-day requests! We are quite proud that our internal process is free from translation errors because of our commitment to world-class quality translations!

Transcript Translation Service Features:

24/7 Customer Support
Fast Turnaround
Complete Accuracy
Includes Notarization Certificate if Requested
Professional Privacy and Security