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Top-Caliber Medical Translation Services

Get Your Medical Documents Translated and Certified by our professional healthcare interpreter, now!

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 We Are The Best Medical Translation Services Online, Offering Our Skills In Nearly 100 Different Major Languages






Top-Quality Medical Translation Services

Get Your Medical Documents Translated and Certified by a Professional Healthcare Interpreter!

Precise and Quick Medical Translation Services in 90+ Languages

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com is internationally known by its wide array of top-rated healthcare interpreters that belong to the top 1% of the industry. Our translators can provide high-quality translations in almost different major 100 languages. Not only are they the top 1% in the field, but our healthcare interpreters are also native speakers of the languages they translate into! Say goodbye to embarrassing mistranslations, offensive metaphors, and inappropriate figures of speech in your documents! We make sure they’re of top quality and accurate beyond just grammar but also culture!

Multilingual Customer Services All Day, Every day, and Wherever You Want

If you need a medical document translated, have questions about the process, or want a free price estimate, please call our hotline. We have highly qualified and professional customer service representatives available 24/7 because we believe that great service never sleeps! We cover all time zones, so we’re open to serve you anytime, anywhere! We’re at the palm of your hands! We can help you obtain a certified and even notarized translation of your document no matter what time of day!

Fast And Accurate Translations

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com works with the highest speed and accuracy. Most medical document translations are typically completed within 1-2 business days, except for longer documents. If you require faster delivery, we can deliver your requirements in the same business day. Simply specify the urgent option on the order page.

Proudly Human

Our medical translation services are provided by people with real-world experience. Unlike some translation services that use machines or translation apps, we know the language beyond the textbook and can provide you culturally and contextually accurate healthcare translations!  Medical translations usually contain very important health data and there is no room for mistakes in medical translation services. We use highly qualified professionals instead of computers to translate your medical documents!

First Class Service and Results

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com guarantees the most accurate healthcare translations and the best customer service anywhere. Due to our many years of experience in the field of medical translation services, and the amount of money we’ve invested in our advanced systems and talented pool of translators, there are not many translation services that can match our company in terms of quality and speed. Call our hotline now!

Fast and Reliable Medical Translation Company

While we do hire the top 1%, we don’t just stop there! Our medical text translators are quality checked by experienced independent translators. This ensures superior quality on every project, big or small. Despite our extensive quality control, we maintain our speed. We can guarantee that our medical document translations can be completed in 1-2 days. If you choose the “Urgent” option, it can be sent to your email on the same day. Call us and we will put you in touch with the most trusted medical text translators.

Uncompromising Safety
CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com implements strict measures to protect your privacy. Our servers and order pages are protected with state-of-the-art encryption, and our employees are regularly audited. We confirm that they have no criminal record and sign a confidentiality agreement. Also, we make sure that no one outside the client’s translation project sees any part of the task. Your privacy is our top priority.

Solid Customer Base

As we’ve been in the business for quite some time now, our healthcare interpreters work regularly with many organizations, including leading healthcare organizations, governments, Fortune 500 companies, and leading universities all around the world! And we are always highly respected and recommended by them. CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com is an established company, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a company you can trust. It’s time to call our hotline.

World-Class Quality Medical Translation Services
We strive to provide the highest quality translations of medical documents because we believe our customers deserve the best! We make sure to let our quality do the talking. Our medical translators are among the top 1% of industry practitioners, and those that we hire from the top 1% are ensured to be native speakers of the language assigned to them. Try our services today and experience working with the best in the business, the best in the world, and the best of the best!
High Quality Medical Translation Services Are Just a Few Clicks Away
Say goodbye to confusing websites, instructions, and hard to access checkout pages. We have made it very easy to order medical document translations! It’ll take less than five minutes and a few clicks to get your work in the hands of our skilled healthcare translators. Just follow the simple steps below. You can get the job done in under 5 minutes and our translators will start working on your project right away.

How It Works

Translating medical documents is straightforward with our hassle-free services and fast delivery. Your translation order will be processed immediately after checkout! All you’ll need to do is wait for your finished document to arrive in your email!

Select the Desired Speed and Type of Service From the Drop-down Menu

Choose the languages you desire using our dropdown selection tool. You can also choose your preferred speed! A fixed fee is charged for each page of the document. If a document has text on both sides, it is considered two pages instead of one.

Submit Your Documents

Take your phone or camera, and capture a clear image of your document with your camera! Make sure to save it to your computer then submit it via the “Upload” button on the order page. Alternatively, you can use your email or fax machine if you prefer these two ways. Make sure to include any additional services required (notarization, notarization, etc.) at the time of purchase.

Get Your Translation in Hand

Once we receive your order, we will send you the full document (via email) within 1-2 business days. In the instance that you ordered for an “urgent” translation, you can receive the completed document the same day it is submitted.

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Confidentiality Is a Top Priority  

To ensure the protection of your information, we are spending time and resources to guarantee your data is secured and our databases are impenetrable against prying eyes that are eager to steal and sell your information. All the documents and information you provide us are protected from unauthorized access or disclosure because we use the most advanced encryption technology available. For added measure, our translators are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before working with us. Our main goal is to keep you safe at all times and receive the best quality translations there are.   

Professional Customer Service    

 Call us at any day or night to receive five-star professional service. Friendly specialists are available to take your call on our customer service hotlines, and they are looking forward to taking your call. They will respond to any and all of your related questions and work with you to ensure a successful translation service.  

Professional Customer Service

Call us anytime, day or night to get yourself the best and most professional healthcare translation service in the market. Our friendly specialists are waiting for you at our customer service hotline and look forward to your call no matter what time of day, or day of the year. They will answer all your questions and concerns ASAP, and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through the entire procedure to guarantee you a high-quality translation!    

Testimonials and Reviews

We are proud of the quality of our output, and customer satisfaction is our goal. Here is what some of our customers have to say about our work.

A few years ago, I needed to have my medical records translated but I was constantly struggling to find a good translator near me. It was so hard to find a reliable medical translation service that wasn’t expensive or open during hours of the day that I’d be busy. At one point, I was even considering translating it through Google Translate, but it always did a poor job. It's a blessing that I was referred to CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com by my friends! This company did a good job, and doctors in the US were able to treat me based on my health history without any mistranslations or confusing language errors.

Vera Ivanovich, Quebec, Canada

Our medical records cannot be entrusted to any translation app and we know this for a fact. Machines never get context. As we know, our medical history is an essential reference for doctors to use before treating us, and therefore, translations should be 100% accurate! One mistake, and it could cost us our lives. Luckily for me, I was referred to this company! Their medical translation services were done by a real human healthcare translator! I couldn’t feel safer and more confident in medical translations than I have with this company!

Olga Lebedev, Odesa, Ukraine

Order Your Translation of Medical Texts Today!

Get in contact with us at any time, and we will get started working for you immediately.

Our Translation Process

Frequently Asked Questions

In this day and age, a lot of people tend to use Google to search up 'medical document translations near me' because they want to find a nearby company that can professionally translate medical texts. However, these physical agencies are neither open every day nor operating in hours that are always convenient for you. Luckily for you, we’re online 24/7! Due to our online nature and superior hold on all time zones worldwide, we are the nearest medical translation services to you! We literally exist in the palm of your hand! Furthermore, we understand that medical documents are highly sensitive and should only be handled by qualified individuals. CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com employs world-class medical translators with years of experience. Highly qualified team leaders also oversee their work and we also use an established quality control system. This level of accessibility, quality, and convenience is something not most agencies (online or physical) can provide.
Medical Documents are very sensitive documents. They contain series of information that is vital to the health of the patient, and it requires precision and the work of someone who knows the medical field well. You can’t just get a simple translator or opt for a translation tool like Google Translate to do this type of work because certain areas of the document require an understanding of the medical context in hand! Such a deep level of understanding can’t be obtained by bots or any translator other than a professional healthcare interpreter. Luckily for you, we’re here! Our certified healthcare translators know the medical field like the back of their hand and their work is always quality checked after by independent translators! Our qualified services are cheaper than you think. Contact us now for offers.
Of course, we can! We specialize in excellent translation, certification, authentication and other related services for virtually any document. As evidenced by our excellent track record, we can do this in nearly 100 languages. Furthermore, our translators are native speakers of the target language. They also have experience in various legal, medical, and commercial ventures. Try our services now!

Professional and Certified Translation of Various Documents

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com has been in business for many years. We regularly serve government agencies and reputable organizations. Unlike other online translation services, we employ only experienced and top-caliber human translators to ensure that the finished work is delivered accurately and on time, setting the global standard for good translation.

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Complete Accuracy
Professional Privacy and Security
Includes Notarization Certificate if requested