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As a premier certified document translation company, we provide world-class quality, linguistic accuracy, affordable and unrivaled prices, and high-speed official translation services CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com is the leading provider of official translation services.

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Documents less than nine (9) pages in length are typically delivered within 1-2 business days, depending on when your request is received. Due to our high regard for transparency, We DO NOT USE DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING AND HAVE NO HIDDEN CHARGES! You can avail for a free price estimate before you check out or order! There is no need to worry! This phase includes thorough quality control and document review procedures. If you require certified document translations sooner, we have an urgent option that guarantees same day delivery!

World-Class Quality Assured

Each of our official translation services are equally important to us. We don’t just settle for hiring the top 1% of the industry! We make sure that all of our official translation services are overseen by experienced project managers as well! To add to this, our work is also subjected to an independent double-blind review process. This step prevents you from wasting valuable time on expensive revisions and rework. So, get an official translation right away!

Confidentiality Guaranteed

We assure you that CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com prioritizes data security. When we translate a document, we ensure that no unauthorized individuals see your personal information or documents. Furthermore, we require all of our employees to sign non-disclosure agreements that are legally binding. All of this is in addition to the cutting-edge encryption used to protect your data. Avail for our official document translation services right now!

Our Translation Process

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We are the epitome of a World-Class Quality Service! We are a global translation leader, employing only the best of the best in the industry of official document translation services. Furthermore, we provide specialized services in which each document is translated by only native speakers. Doing so ensures that there is no room for culturally inappropriate idioms, offensive figures of speech, and awkward translations that don’t mean what it really means in the translated language. Try our services right now!

Lightning-Fast and Accurate

We are a translation company that offers quick and accurate service. We have translators on call at all times and can begin working on document translations as soon as you checkout. We typically deliver within 1-2 business days, but we can work more quickly if needed. At the checkout counter, we have a rush order feature that instructs us to deliver the completed translation on the same business day. That is a service that not many translation agencies can provide.

Simple Ordering and Checkout

Getting an official document translation has never been this quick and easy! Our user interface is straightforward and simple. The majority of the options are guided by dropdown buttons to help you make the best decision. In less than five minutes, you’ll have the best translators working on your requests! Furthermore, if you have any questions, our customer service representatives are always available to assist you. Interested? Well, now is the time to order a translation from the best in the industry!

The International Community in the Palm of Your Hands

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com is the most reliable and consistent agency for document translation into English and nearly one hundred other languages! We have many top-rated translators on hand around the world who we can call on to translate a copy. Furthermore, if you require a legal translator to translate your birth, marriage certificates or any other document for any reason, we also have expertise in those fields! Avail now!

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You’ll never have to Google search for “official translator near me” since we’re here 24/7, all day, every day, just one tap away! You have the best translators at the palm of your hands! As an international company, we have professional customer service teams on call at all times. We work across all time zones, and whenever you send us an email or call one of our hotlines, you will be speaking with friendly professionals. Please feel free to contact us at any time! Now is the time to use our services.

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We are constantly improving our user interface to make all transactions as simple and quick as possible. Our encrypted checkout page ensures a secure transaction, and our teams will immediately begin working on your document. Order a translation immediately! If you order a translation right now, you’ll have it in less than five minutes. Sounds way too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, have a look at our simple four-step process below!

How It Works

The procedure is straightforward and takes less than five minutes to complete! It only takes four easy steps! Plus,
we won’t make you wait! Once you complete your order, a certified translator will begin working on your document.

Select the Service Speed and Type

Select the languages and services that you require. We use dropdown options so it’s easier for you to choose! Typically, we send out the finished product within 1 to 2 business days, but if you select the “Urgent” option, we’ll send it out within the day

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Take a clear photo of your documents with your phone or a document scanner. After that, click the “Upload” button to send it to us. You can also send it by fax or email, if you prefer.

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Include here any additional services, such as notarization, certification, and so on! Documents with text on both sides have two pages. We charge a fixed fee per page. If you want to know first how much you’ll be spending on our services, you may request for a free price estimate!

Sit back, relax, and wait for your accurate translated document in your email!

Once you’ve finished the last three steps, all you have to do is wait! We deliver translated documents within 1-2 business days (via email). If you requested an “Urgent” translation, you would receive the finished documents the next business day.

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Confidentiality is Guaranteed

We value the confidentiality of your transactions. Our translators have built a reputation for trustworthiness over many years in the field. To protect your sensitive information, they also sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements immediately. In addition, our IT department ensures that our servers are always encrypted and that all documents are deleted once a project is completed. Choose security. Choose CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com. Avail today!

Outstanding Customer Service

Truth be told, we are the nearest official document translation agency, since we’re already at the palm of your hands, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Our multilingual translators are regularly trained and will be delighted to assist you. We work shifts that cover all time zones and are available to answer your questions at any time of day or night. Furthermore, CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com can complete projects more quickly than you can finish Google searching for "official document translation near me."

The Most Precise and Reliable Translations Available in The Market

The commitment to quality at CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com is unwavering. Our translation jobs are put through rigorous quality control checks by seasoned translators with years of experience. We strive for perfection at all times in order to save everyone time by avoiding revisions. Avail now for the best of the best certified document translation services today! We promise top speed, world-class quality, 100% acceptance rates to government agencies and private institutions, and 0% regrets!

Certified Top-Rated Certified Document Translation Services in Nearly 100 Different Major Languages.

We are the most qualified official translation agency to handle your translation needs in nearly one hundred different major languages!

Call now, and one of our friendly professionals will be there to help you no matter what time of day

Testimonials and Reviews

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com values every business relationship with our customers.
Here are a few quotes from people who have been happy with our services.

Through the years, CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com has consistently provided me with fantastic service. I’ve referred them to all my friends and family, and they’ve never failed them once! My translations are always perfect and delivered on time, I get the most polite employees helping me, and they’re always transparent with their prices! The best part of it all is that I don’t need to drive for hours to get their services since they’re already in my hands! Plus, they never make me wait. I’ve never had to reschedule or adjust my busy work life to avail for their services since they’re open 24.7! Their service is way above the levels provided by the many translators that I contracted before.

May Watts, New York, U.S.A.

I am not familiar with the internet, so I avoid online businesses because they’re just too complicated to navigate. I get lost in seas of buttons and links. However, it wasn't until late at night that I realized I needed an official translation of some legal documents ASAP, but all agencies near me were closed. I did some research online and decided on CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com. I’m so glad I took a chance on them. Their ordering system was simple, and I was finished in a matter of minutes. I received their translation in my email by lunchtime the next day. Now this is what I call, quick and easy reliable services. Wonderful!

Harold Spence, Chicago, U.S.A.

Why Should You Use OfficialDocumentTranslation.com
as Opposed to Another Translation Agency

OfficialDocumentTranslation.com has a reputation for reliability and prompt service. Our multilingual translation and customer service teams are available 24/7. Consequently, we can commence translation as soon as you complete your order. Our delivery time is between one and two days, and we guarantee same-day delivery on all urgent orders. We are the preferred translation agency.

Our Translation Process

Samples of Our Professional Translation Service

CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com is proud of its translation work, and so are our customers! If you aren’t convinced by the testimonies, we’ll let our quality do the talking. Here are samples of our services!

Birth Certificate

Marriege Certificate


FBI Background Check

Frequently Asked Questions

Official Translation Services

Our translators are among the top 1% of all translators in various fields. As a result, we can assert that we have the best legal translators, academic translators, and so on, on the market. Moreover, we don’t just hire masters of the linguistic arts, but also individuals who are savvy with the law and have years of experience working in the translation industry. Furthermore, these translators are native speakers of the target language. They’re guaranteed to know the language beyond the textbook. With that in mind, we do not hire more than three translators for every hundred applications we receive due to our stringent standards. Only the most qualified candidates are hired by our company.
Here are the languages that we support: ▪ Afrikaans ▪ Albanian ▪ Amharic ▪ Arabic ▪ Armenian ▪ Azerbaijani ▪ Basque ▪ Belarusian ▪ Bengali ▪ Bosnian ▪ Bulgarian ▪ Catalan ▪ Cebuano ▪ Chichewa ▪ Chinese (Cantonese) ▪ Chinese (Mandarin Simplified) ▪ Chinese (Mandarin Traditional) ▪ Corsican ▪ Croatian ▪ Czech ▪ Danish ▪ Dari ▪ Dutch ▪ English ▪ Estonian ▪ Farsi/Persian ▪ Filipino/Tagalog ▪ Finnish ▪ Flemish ▪ French ▪ Frisian ▪ Galician ▪ Georgian ▪ German ▪ Greek ▪ Gujarati ▪ Haitian Creole ▪ Hausa ▪ Hebrew ▪ Hindi ▪ Hmong ▪ Hungarian ▪ Icelandic ▪ Igbo ▪ Indonesian ▪ Irish ▪ Italian ▪ Japanese ▪ Javanese ▪ Kannada ▪ Kazakh ▪ Khmer ▪ Korean ▪ Kurdish ▪ Kyrgyz ▪ Lao ▪ Latin ▪ Latvian ▪ Lithuanian ▪ Luxembourgish ▪ Macedonian ▪ Malagasy ▪ Malay (Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia) ▪ Malayalam ▪ Maltese ▪ Maori ▪ Marathi ▪ Mongolian ▪ Montenegrin ▪ Myanmar/Burmese ▪ Nepali ▪ Norwegian ▪ Pashto ▪ Persian/Farsi ▪ Polish ▪ Portuguese (European) ▪ Portuguese (Brazilian) ▪ Punjabi ▪ Romanian ▪ Russian ▪ Samoan ▪ Scots Gaelic ▪ Serbian ▪ Sesotho ▪ Shona ▪ Sindhi ▪ Sinhala ▪ Slovak ▪ Slovenian ▪ Somali ▪ Spanish ▪ Sundanese ▪ Swahili ▪ Swedish ▪ Tajik ▪ Tamil ▪ Telugu ▪ Thai ▪ Tigrinya ▪ Turkish ▪ Twi ▪ Ukrainian ▪ Urdu ▪ Uzbek ▪ Vietnamese ▪ Welsh ▪ Xhosa ▪ Yiddish ▪ Yoruba ▪ Zulu ▪ Among others
Yes, we have years of experience providing certified translation services to the Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States (USCIS). Thousands of immigrant families from all over the world have previously benefited from our assistance. We are familiar with the specific requirements of the USCIS and can translate them to those specifications. Our knowledge and experience enable our customers to save a significant amount of time, and are guaranteed acceptance every time! Avail for our certified document translation services as soon as possible!
Yes, we do official translations into Russian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, and nearly one hundred other major languages. We use native speakers to ensure that you get the most accurate translations possible. If you would like to see the full list of languages we accommodate, you can check the list above or our dropdown button on the first page.
There is no need for such thing when you have us! You don't need to Google "official document translation services near me" if you need to translate a document into Spanish or one of the near 100 languages we offer. CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com has multilingual translators and customer service representatives available around the clock, seven days a week. Multilingual translators and customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at CertifiedDocumentTranslationService.com. No need to wait for the next day to start! You can contact us at any time of day or night, and we will respond quickly and begin working on your project. With our 24.7 online presence, we are the nearest official document translation service to you. Furthermore, we’re the best in the market!


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You’ve heard the testimonies! You’ve seen our sample outputs! You’ve seen what we’re capable of. It’s time to get down to work! Our services are provided by the most qualified professionals in the industry, not just any multilingual people. We have quality assurance procedures in place to ensure that you receive the most accurate and well-written document possible within the agreed-upon deadline. Avail for the best of the best services in the industry with just a few clicks!

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